2022 BEST 18 Torrent Sites That’re Not Blocked for Free Downloads

2022 BEST 18 Torrent Sites That’re Not Blocked for Free Downloads Vic Knott
2022 BEST 18 Torrent Sites That’re Not Blocked for Free Downloads 2022.11.01
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Torrent sites are heaven for free resources but often shut down under the pressure of authorities or copyright content owners. Here we’ve rounded 18 top torrent sites up that are still working in 2022. Note that we don’t advocate any copyright infringement behavior and instead, we hope everyone could respect copyright and only use BitTorrent legally.

Torrent sites are literally perfect resource gathering places for people to explore free files to download. You can easily find the most recent and popular movies like Hollywood/Bollywood Hindi films, TV shows, music, anime pieces, as well as other types of things like applications, games, porn, e-books, and so on, thus leveraging a torrent download client (e.g BitTorrent) to move what you preferred online to your local hard drive becomes quite easily. Most importantly, it won’t cost a penny.

But torrent is always a highly controversial item and under heavy internet censorship, not for the use of peer-to-peer/P2P technology, but for the endless pirated content being uploaded here without control, which has a very negative impact on related industries, especially the movie industry. Many film distribution companies claim that their box-office revenues are hurt greatly by the increasing pirated copies online. Consequently, the companies, ISPs, and governments usually put pressure on pirated content delivering sites and finally force the webmasters to shut the sites down.

So in order to help those refresh the top torrent sites list in 2022 or help beginners to dig active torrent files, this post is worked out with up to 18 top-ranked site names. Hope you can find what you want through these sites. Besides, please prepare a VPN in advance if you secure your online privacy & security and don’t want to be tracked during torrenting.

Get VPN for Safe Torrenting

TOP Torrent Sites in 2022 

To deliver all of you more best options of active and popular P2P sites, we’ve tested and picked 18 sites to meet any possible torrent download needs. Since Alexa service was closed by Amazon in May 2022, you can just take the following Alexa ranks for reference.

1. YTS.MX 

Official link: https://yts.mx/
Founded in: 2011
Based in: Unknown
Estimated monthly visits: 82.3M
Global alexa rank: 400
Instant download: Y

The current YTS.MX is actually not the official site of famous YTS or say YIFY brand but still a good alternative after YTS/YIFY’s permanent closure in October 2015 due to a lawsuit case from MPAA.

As the successor of YTS/YIFY, YTS.MX keeps its focus on the movie torrent as always. No matter you’d like to find some HD-quality films, or 4K UHD & 3D titles, YTS tries to collect and display them here with film rating scores from IMDb/RottenTomatoes, detailed user reviews, and multiple quality choices, such as 720p/1080p BluRay and 720p/1080p/2016p WebM. Since WebM is smaller than MP4/MKV/AVI in size, if you are looking movie videos in “HD (yet) smallest size” as the slogan says, please choose WebM to download. Many users complain about its bad quality and you are suggested to try different resolutions and formats for the very first download to see if it meets your quality requirement.

top torrent sitres - yts.mx

Since many nations block YTS.MX, many mirror/alternative sites are given for normal access and file download, like: yts.lt, yts.am, and yts.ag. Note that other sites are all fake clones according to its official announcement. Multiple languages are provided to worldwide users. Navigate to the right bottom to change the Language to Arabic, Greek, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, and alike.

YTS.MX seems to be an ordinary free torrent site with many ads. It’s too easy for users to click and pop up external advertising or even porn sites. In addition, each movie download page will show your real IP address, locations, browser, and computer information, if you are not equipped your device with the protection of a torrent VPN, that would put your actions into risk because your ISP and government will know exactly about what you browse and download.

Get VPN to Hide IP

2. 1337x 

Official link: https://1337x.to/
Founded in: 2007
Based in: Unknown
Estimated monthly visits: 62.7M
Global alexa rank: 473
Instant download: Y

1337x is another top-ranked torrent website and it now has many official alternative domains like 1337x.st, 1337x.se, x1337x.ws, x1337x.is, x1337x.eu, and 1337x.gd since 2017. 1337x has been there for about 15 years but gained its popularity right after the shutdown of another known site KickassTorrents in 2016. The high value of Alexa rank is the best evidence of 1337’s success.

1337x has a stylized yet clear web design in red and black, listing nine big categories on the homepage, specifically popular Movies, TV shows (e.g hot HBO’s Succession torrent), Games, Music, Application, Anime, Documentaries, Others, and (18+) XXX. Many top lists are given to users too for exploring fresh prevalent content with ease, e.g. Trending Today, Trending This Week, Top 100 This Month, Popular Foreign Today etc. Thanks to a large number of online users, you can search and download what you want here via torrent file or magnet link fast.

Top Torrent Sites - 1337X

3. Nyaa Torrents 

Official link: https://nyaa.si/
Founded in: 2005
Based in: Maybe Japan
Estimated monthly visits: 45.40M
Global alexa rank: 1.19K
Instant download: Y

Nyaa Torrents is the only top-rated torrent site specializing in Asian torrents, especially Japanese anime. If you are an anime enthusiast, you shouldn’t miss this free base. Set aside anime in many translated sub-languages, you can find more media content like (lossless/lossy) music, live-action videos, manga books, pictures and software.

top torrent sites - nyaa

NYAA.si has a super simple web design but may still annoy users with extra internal web pages, ads or 18+ adult directions. So you’d better run an ad-blocker in the background if you really hate this type of thing.

Note that currently there’s no official mirror site of NYAA, therefore don’t trust any other links for NYAA if you don’t want to be infected with harmful malware or similar.

4. Rarbg 

Official link: https://rarbg.to/
Founded in: 2008
Based in: Unknown
Estimated monthly visits: 41.3M
Global alexa rank: 1.06K
Instant download: Y
Blocked in: UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Canada, Turkey, Denmark, Portugal, Indonesia, China, Finland, UAE, Ireland, India, Iran etc.

RARBG is a site that only offers high-quality torrent files for users to download, but does not permit any file upload from common visitors. However, it is still a torrent-rich and active community, so in the past few years, RARBG has continuously been ranked within the top 10 best torrent sites lists from the No.1 torrent news site – TorrentFreak.

RARBG Copyright infringement has made it the access-blocking target of many places, even including the UK and Canada. And once upon a time, Google has removed related search results. TorrentFreak also reported that in Feb. 2022, Google has removed a lot of pirate domain results in the United Kingdom including RARBG and YTS.MX.

Top Torrent Sites - RARBG

To avoid the annoying pop-up ads and possible privacy risk, you’re suggested to leverage third-party ad blockers and virtual private network services while torrenting. What’s more, if you are located in RARBG-restricted regions, VPN is still necessary to bypass the geo-blocking or try its mirror addresses containing rarbg like rarbg.is.

5. The Private Bay/TPB 

Official link: https://thepiratebay.org/index.html
Founded in: 2003
Based in: Seychelles (disputable)
Estimated monthly visits: 24.2M
Global alexa rank: 478
Instant download: Y
Top 3 visited countries: United States, Canada, Brazil
Banned in: Iran, Mainland China, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, India (only by some ISPs), Indonesia, Italy (only by some ISPs), Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom etc.

Every torrenting veteran knows The Pirate Bay(also called TPB) since it has been one of the best-known and successful torrent sites around the world for many years. Even it was closed once temporarily in March 2017 and 2020 respectively, it soon got back to normal and overcome lots of other crackdown actions, showing us how tenacious it is, that’s why many best torrent website lists never consider to keep it off the top spot.

TPB is primarily available in English and Swedish (for being established by a Swedish) and now supports up to 35 languages. By offering six main categories – Audio, Video, Applications, Games, Porn and Other, TPB can meet various torrenting requirements. And according to its Top 100 (download) list, it’s easy to draw that (hot/HD) movies, TV Shows and Windows applications takes the top three ranks of downloads. When browsing movie resources, about 10 resolution, codec and imaging options are given to help quickly filter the preferred parameters as you like, e.g. 1080p x264 and 2160p HEVC HDR.

Top torrent sites - The Pivate Bay

As you can see from above, this site is blocked by many locations or certain ISPs in a nation, that’s to say, if you cannot open it with “This site can’t be reached” message and fix the issue, you can change ISP or use a VPN to hide your IP address and move on to another TPB-accessible place like the United States, Japan, and Canada.

6. Eztv 

Official link: https://eztv.re/
Founded in: 2005
Based in: Unknown
Estimated monthly visits: 21.60M
Global alexa rank: 4.03K
Instant download: Y

EZTV is a widely known group that distributes TV-related torrents. With a BitTorrent client like uTorrent, you can download any distributed HD/4K episode of TV shows as you like, be it the show on-the-air or a classic one. Users are able to directly filter the resolution and hot codes (e.g WEBRips and X265) before searching.

Considering torrenting is illegal in certain countries and the main domain may experience downtime and ISP Blockade (e.g that from Italy, the UK and Australia), EZTV has offered multiple official domains besides the one listed above, for instance, eztv.ag, eztv.it, and eztv.ch. Plus, it recommends users to download a VPN while performing the torrent download for better privacy protection.

Top torrent sites - EZTV

7. Limetorrents 

Official linkhttps://www.limetorrents.pro/
Founded in: 2009
Based in: Unknown
Estimated monthly visits: 13.50M
Global alexa rank: 5.06K
Instant download: Y

Limetorrents has been here for over a decade, which is lesser-known but gains its fame in recent years. This torrent search engine and directory doesn’t host any torrents but enables you to search and download torrents from other sites. Hence it has a rich torrent library for movies, anime, applications, games, and so forth, which can meet various user demands easily. It claims officially that adult content is not welcomed by its platform to keep this site more family-safe. In addition, there’s a “Health” label to show users whether it’s reliable to download.

Lemetorrents has pop-up ads for costs to run its service. And according to its notice board, there are several proxy sites of Limetorrents: limetorrents.asia, limetorrents.co, limetorrents.zone, and limetor.com.

Top Torrent Sites - Limetorrents

8. Torrentgalaxy 

Official link: https://torrentgalaxy.to/
Founded in: 2007
Based in: Unknown
Estimated monthly visits: 17.10M
Global alexa rank: 5.31K
Instant download: Y

This English-only public P2P site is founded by a former stuff from ExtraTorrent, delivering thousands of popular movies, televisions, music, games, apps, XXX and so on for visitors to pick and move down to local hard drives. Streaming feature is a bonus because it seems no other sites have supported this. But we have to say that there are to many ads on this site. (>> See 2022 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites)

Best torrent sites 2022 - torrentgalaxy

9. Kickasstorrent 

Official link: https://kickasstorrents.to/
Founded in: 2008
Based in: Unknown
Estimated monthly visits: 7.3M
Global alexa rank: 4k+
Instant download: Y
Current status: Offline

KickassTorrent is another recognized top torrent site brand for many years. Elder torrenters get used to calling it KAT. Although it’s taken down in 2015 since its “.so” registry was banned, the team soon moved to another domain name and is now available in kickasstorrent.to and kickass.to addresses. But unfortunately, it went down in July 2016. Even later on the KAT workers created another katcr.co replacement to gather previous KAT members, it ended up with another closure in 2020.

Definitely, KickAssTorrent is now unavailable today, but it’s hard to say it will be revived sometime in the near future. And we will also pay attention to the follow-up and update the information in this post.

10. IPTorrents 

Official link: https://iptorrents.com/login.php
Founded in: Unknown
Estimated monthly visits: 6.30M
Global alexa rank: 7.09K
Instant download: Y

Different from the torrent sites mentioned above, IPTorrents requires everyone to sign up first for visiting the homepage and conducting further torrent search and download operations. In other words, it belongs to a private but not a public torrent site. You may take registration time-consuming but as long as you have an account, you will enjoy a ad-free torrenting experience. For anyone who wants to torrent with faster speed, just donate $20 to this site.


11. Zooqle 

Official link: https://zooqle.com/ (failed to open now)
Founded in: 2008
Estimated monthly visits: 5.40M
Global alexa rank: 13.4K
Instant download: Y

Zooqle is another relatively new name in best working and active torrent sites in 2022, 2021, or earlier. However, by the end of February 2022, it has over 6.4-million verified torrents of various categories. From Zooqle’s top category menu, you can navigate to about 20 movie genres (such as action, animation, adventure, crime, and thriller), 17 TV series genres (e.g. comedy, family, kids, and drama), games and apps for all popular platforms, books, anime, xxx and pictures straightforwardly. More filtering actions can be made for quick new resource exploring.

New best torrent sites 2022 - Zooqle

12. TorrentDownloads 

Official link: https://www.torrentdownloads.pro/
Founded in: Unknown
Based in: Unknown
Estimated monthly visits: 2.8M
Global alexa rank: 8.30K
Instant download: Y

TorrentDownloads offers various popular torrent resources on TV Shows, movies, music, games, software, anime, book and so forth. You can easily find quite a lot of new titles like House of the Dragon S01, Animal Kingdom, and Top Gun Mavericks (2022) at a high health level. But getting new episodes could be risky since you may be detected and warned by the ISP.


13. Demonoid 

Official link: https://demonoid.is/
Founded in: 2003
Based in: Unknown
Estimated monthly visits: 1.10M
Global alexa rank: 99.3K
Instant download: Y

Demonoid was initially a BitTorrent tracker and later become a torrent site for P2P file sharing. Since it grew so fast to be as prevalent as The Pirate Bay in mid-2000s, threatening the benefits of copyright owners, the founder Deimos faced quite many legal threats and resigned the administrator position. In 2018, his accidental death causes the closing of Demonoid. It’s some original staff member who had this legacy alive still in the upcoming year.

Maybe only old-school torrent users know this name, but it’s worth mentioning and being in the 2022 best torrent sites list owing to the masses of torrent types and files. The comprehensive search options help every users filter expected category at favorite language, quality and state fast. But unfortunately, according to the most recent news post in Feb. 2022, only members can access the server. That said, you should sign up an account first before starting to torrent here.

Top torrent sites - demonoid

14. EliteTorrent 

Official link: https://www.elitetorrent.com/
Founded in: Unknown
Based in: Unknown
Estimated monthly visits: 928.70K
Global alexa rank: 29.7K
Instant download: Y

EliteTorrent is a new name in this torrenting marketing that’s mainly created for Spanish speakers. If you’d like to explore 1080p/720p torrent resources on drama, comedy, crime, adventure, kids, and so on, you can search or browse in any of the 30 genere sections easily. According to website analysis tool, this site just gained traffic since April, 2022, most of which are direct views. So you are suggested to take time to see if it’s stable and good to use.


15. TorrentFunk 

Official link: https://www.torrentfunk.com/
Founded in: Unknown
Based in: Unknown
Estimated monthly visits: 768.60K
Global alexa rank: 41.1K
Instant download: Y

As a big torrent search engine nd directory, it gathers 5-million verified and hot Torrents and enables you to search out the favorite movies, tv shows, software, ebooks, and many more in clicks. It’s interesting that the most-downloaded Microsoft Office torrent file is deleted now, and the second one for House of Dragon is still available. TorrentFunk is not as safe as you might think due the continuous pop-ups and phishing program marked the the antivirus software. Therefore, download and install a VPN to shield your data tightly.


16. Torlock 

Official link: https://www.torlock.com/
Founded in: 2010
Based in: Unknown
Estimated monthly visits: 608.20K
Global alexa rank: 27.5K
Instant download: Y

Torlock accumulates torrents for movies, TVs, music, games, software, anime, eBooks, as well as niche images, adult etc. Many hot searched or trending titles are displayed right below the navigation bar for one-click access to the download page without searching manually.

By virtue of“The No Fakes Torrent site”, it’s regarded as a “trustworthy” torrent site for its efforts to ensure users a safe torrent – paying $1 for each fake torrent user, although this would be an illegal means.

Top torrent sites - Torlock

17. ExtraTorrent 

Official link: https://extratorrents.it/home
Founded in: 2006
Based in: Unknown
Estimated monthly visits: 390.50K
Global alexa rank: 70.9K
Instant download: Y

The first thing you are informed that the very official extratorrent sites were shut down for good 5 years ago, with all its mirrors going offline. But there are a series of clone portals like extratorrent.cd, extratorrent.ag, extratorrent.si and the.it version, which aim to resurrect this brand by efforts.

ExtraTorrent provides tons of torrent resources for movies, TVs, music, anime, games, books, software, pictures, porn  and (iOS/Android) mobile apps. What’s more, you are free to upload torrents at will, and some new articles (from TorrentFreak) on pirated content are updated regularly for more attentions. Health option is given still for users to judge whether it’s a good torrent to obtain.

Top torrent sites - extratorrent

18. Torrentz2 

Official link: https://torrentzeu.org/ (failed to open now)
Founded in: 2016
Based in: Unknown
Estimated monthly visits: 148.2K
Global alexa rank: 91.1K
Instant download: Y

It‘s actually the clone site of previous popular torrent site named Torrentz (with domains of torrentz.com and torrentz.eu in succession). You can use it as a Torrentz alternative to search and download whatever you searched out with the magnet link from its own or other indexed torrents platforms. For newly released film titles, usually it will take Torrentz 2-3 days to index and show them in the search results.


Frequently Asked Questions on Top Torrent Sites 

1. What are the top picks for most commonly searched torrent categories?
Below some top three names fore shared for your reference. But you should know that they are many other excellent sites for any specific torrent downloads.

Best Torrents for Movies Best Torrents for Music Best Torrents for TV/show Best Torrents for Game Best Torrents for Anime Best Torrents for Software
The Private Bay The Private Bay Eztv The Private Bay 1337X The Private Bay
YTS.MX 1337x The Private Bay 1337x Torlock Zooqle
TorrentGalaxy Torrentz2 YTS.MX RARBG Nyaa Torrents LimeTorrents

If you’ve already been 18 or older and want to get file downloads from best porn torrent sites, as long as torrent is legal in your country, you can either access the above-mentioned RARBG, The Pirate Bay, and 1337X, or dedicated xxx adult torrent sites like PornLeech, Booty Tape, OneJAV, and Tokyo Toshokan.

2. Is Torrent Legal or Illegal?
Torrent itself is not illegal but when you live in a position where torrenting are illegal and forbidden, please be a law-abiding person, at least don’t download any sensitive or illegal (typically anti-copyright) materials. (>>See more details on the topic of is torrenting illegal)

3. Why this best torrent sites list changes annually?
The battle between torrent sites owners and copyright owners has never stopped. As a result, some big sites disappear from time to time while new sites (with old or fresh brand names) emerge every year, for example, in the past years, notable Limewire, Bitsnoop, and Tamilrockers ended their lives while zooqle and IPTorrents are gradually becoming the rising stars.

4. Is VPN a Must-have When Downloading Torrent?
Of course it is. Most torrent sites recommend users to utilize the VPN program to hide IP address and download torrent files anonymously and safely and some even give the name or display advertising & affiliate links for purchasing a specific one, CyberGhost, Hide.Me, Trust.Zone, just to name a few.

Here another great choice with best value is also shared to enlarge your choices. Its name is PandaVPN.

PandaVPN safeguards your online privacy

As a torrent-friendly VPN, it’s capable of masking your real IP address and locate you in another wanted place for entirely anonymous torrenting. In addition, it will encrypt your data so that no one could collect or even steal your personal data any more. You can choose anywhere from the preloaded 3000+ servers available in 170+ locations globally. Some dedicated BitTorrent servers are collected in on group still if you have no idea on where to go. But do remember to choose Global (VPN) Mode in case it would fail to circumvent the access restrictions set by ISPs.

Torrent with VPN Now

Available platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and Android TV
Advanced features: Multiple connections, Split tunneling (you can only use VPN when torrenting), Ad-blocker, etc.

5. What if my favorite torrent site is down?
Every torrent site is possible to down like the very first official Pirate Bay/Torrentz/KickassTorrent/Yify torrent is down. If your commonly visited torrent site is down suddenly, you can use a VPN to visit it to check if it’s blocked or have a try on its mirror address. If it’s permanently shut down, you will soon find related news on the web and maybe it’s time to go ahead your torrent journey with another working and lively torrent site.

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